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The right solution for every load.

When it comes to great transportation brokerage solutions, you can trust Rands Logistics. Our impressive capabilities can be perfectly catered to your freight shipping needs. No matter the size, shape, or weight of your cargo, you can count on us to select the most trustworthy and suitable carrier that can successfully transport your products to where they need to be.

Leave it to the Experts!   


If we can’t move your loads with one of our trucks, we will search through our data base for carriers that will give our clients the value and service they require for their particular inbound or outbound shipping needs. This, in return, allows our customers to save precious time and money. We will connect with both the shippers and receivers and set up appointments if needed. Also, the customer will never have to worry about making sure the carriers have a safe shipping rating and up to date cargo insurance.

Meet Our Logistics Managers:

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